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When it comes to the infrastructure powering today’s Fortune 5000, unique innovations have the potential to completely change how a company works. We helped VMware showcase the future of enterprise cloud operations at their VMworld conference by creating Cloud City.

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Giving Form to the Future

The 5-day, 30,000 person annual VMworld Conference is a crucial point in time for VMware to present its vision for the future, and for them to hear from the infrastructure experts and IT decision makers who implement VMware technology in their businesses.

We began our design process by holding a series of immersive workshops and rapid design sprints in which we learned about the VMware roadmap for cloud services, mapped out the attendee journey over the course of the conference, and designed and tested dozens of interactions and engagements that could help tell the VMware story.

Guided by our learnings, we created a unique and immersive space called Cloud City. The physical design of the space set the tone of a futuristic and advanced immersive space, rich with media and educational tools, but calm and quiet enough to allow meaningful conversations and 1:1 training.

We developed custom applications on large touch-screen displays which allowed visitors to explore the many use cases for VMware’s cloud technology, and allowed experts to guide multiple users through in-depth product demos. We also organized social conversations and events, allowing current cloud customers to share their experiences and answer questions from prospective customers in small, intimate groups.

“Cloud City brings together a complicated solution set into an elegant and simple experience.”

- Eric Lee, CTO, LFL

“Cloud City brings together a complicated solution set into an elegant and simple experience.”

- Eric Lee, CTO, LFL

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Bringing VMware Cloud to New Heights

Through Cloud City, we were able to create an environment to foster education, facilitate hundreds of 1:1 sessions between attendees and experts, gather valuable data and analytics to aid in sales and training—all while portraying the vision for VMware’s future in cloud operations.

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“We’ve been able to set a new bar for how we communicate the VMware story in a physical space...“

- Akash Khoka, COO, LFL

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