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We helped the Google Play Protect team visualize what it means to actively protect over a billion Android devices daily.

Protecting Your Device

The Android OS was built with security in mind, and thanks to Google Play Protect, over 1 billion Android devices are actively protected by scanning millions of apps for potential threats. Google Play Protect takes things even further, offering comprehensive new services that provide powerful protections and greater visibility into device security.

In an effort to to announce this new program, the team at Google Play asked us to create a storytelling data visualization to be used both as a dynamic backdrop for their Google I/O 2017 announcement, and a standalone marketing video.

“We imagined a city skyline as a relatable data metaphor for how this product positively impacts people’s lives at billion-scale.”

- Greg Dodds, Director Of Brand Innovation

Conveying Peace-of-Mind

To convey the concept of more than 50 billion apps being scanned on over 1 billion devices, we drew inspiration from the complexity and density of a city skyline—replacing skyscrapers with bar graphs denoting protected devices. The landscape provided a sense of scale while visualizing Google’s machine learning systems as they constantly scour for potentially harmful apps.

Most importantly we set out to communicate the peace of mind that Google Play Protect provides their customers, so that they can keep using their Android devices without the worry of threat.

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