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For the launch of the Google Pixel 2, we gained a deep understanding of the phone’s best features to create a compelling in-store experience aimed at getting users to get hands-on with the device.

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Encouraging Growth Through Play

When it comes to finding the phone that’s right for you, it’s hard to beat feeling it in your hands and trying the screen, camera, and software for yourself. We worked with Google to create a demo experience highlighting the benefits of joining Team Pixel, therefore driving in-store purchase.

Our research showed that an in-store demonstration has a large opportunity to influence purchasing, so we mapped out extensive user journeys to corresponding personas, ensuring a demo for each user that was engaging, thoughtful, and persuasive.

Delight with a Demo

While enticing consumers with a tactile feature selection experience, we also designed intuitive and elegant swipe, scroll, or tap actions, so consumers could quickly get a glimpse of Pixel features, explore more details if desired, and easily get in and out of free interaction with the native OS. The demo was so intuitive and successful that it was used globally across key markets for the launch for the product launch.

In addition to the demo experience, we created a custom analytics backend, allowing us to gather information about customer engagement and evaluate our key success metrics on an ongoing basis, across hundreds of locations. These customized insights proved invaluable in allowing us to fine-tune features of the demo, and for the product team to understand where users had the greatest interest.

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