Building Equitable Experiences for Billions of Users

Through our longstanding partnership with Google, we’ve launched over 3000 products, platforms, and experiences that have helped further their mission to make information accessible to all, while advancing their company-wide racial equity commitments and dedication to belonging. Collectively, our projects have reached billions of end users, and have helped bring technology into harmony with the human experience.

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Google I/O: Reenvisioning a renowned conference for a digital-first era.

Google’s annual developer conference, I/O, is renowned among engineers and technologists alike. Taking place over several days at Google’s Mountain View HQ, the festival is a convergence of innovation, creativity, and social progress. Over the past 5+ years, our team has helped Google lead the charge in transforming its event into a live, digital-first and gamified experience that reaches an audience of millions.

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Gather: Building a go-to destination for the future of global events.

Creatives around the world look to technology platforms to help them build an audience and share their work. We worked with Google to develop a flagship digital events platform that made online event organization more intuitive and accessible for all. Over the past eight years of this partnership, a dedicated team continues to maintain, evolve, and improve this platform which has gained adoption across Google as a primary tool for virtual events globally.

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[Digital] Human: Discovering what makes us human.

We partnered with Google Creative Lab, Google People Operations, and the renowned DE&I educators at Performance Paradigm to design and build the first of its kind, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training program at Google. Together, we built an immersive 12-week curriculum for Google’s people managers, that ultimately facilitated a deeper understanding of belonging, so that every Googler would feel heard and acknowledged. In the process, 4 seasons of content including videos, podcasts, journal entries, and interactive activities were brought to life, and a few thousand people managers have since completed the course, with more cohorts to come.

Our agile process and inventive culture solves the most pressing of our partners’ challenges.