Where Tech Connects CX to Success

Cisco and Left Field Labs have partnered across the globe to demonstrate what a new vision of shifting from customer support to customer success looks like, with the help of machine learning, connected spaces, mixed reality and avatars.

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Cisco CX

Over a standout 4-day experience, we helped put genuine customer partnerships center-stage. At its heart, the experience brought Cisco customers together with CX experts to solve an industry first 5G-ready cloud native network in front of a live audience. Using machine learning, connected spaces, mixed reality and avatars, Cisco’s target demographic was able to witness the full potential of integrated CX as a tool for building more sustainable and profitable customer experience models. Our work resulted in 5K+ leads generated in 4 days and a 9x increase in event attendance.

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Our agile process and inventive culture solves the most pressing of our partners’ challenges.