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Building magical experiences for new worlds.

Helping the beloved game engine tap into new worlds through the power of curated and thoughtful connected experiences infused with elements of surprise and delight.

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Insomniac: Next billion headliners.

Insomniac is a 3rd-person social and live events experience where players are invited to indulge in the Insomniac universe; from uncovering the roots of the EDM scene in downtown LA, to enjoying live DJ sets at tentpole festivals like Dreamstate and Nocturnal Wonderland. We helped the festival front-runner reimagine what remote entertainment could look like in the EDM space and beyond, playing to its colorful history of characters and iconography and weaving it into a new medium within the Unity game engine universe. We helped ideate and ensure the event experience was accessible and connected across mobile devices, gaming consoles and TVs, weaving in social engagement elements so users could interact and dance with other attendees in their world.

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Wizarding World: Bringing the magic of tech to a magical world.

Our team partnered with Imagine Exhibition team to ideate a unique immersive experience for the new Wizarding World exhibit, focused on 3D asset content creation and technical execution of AI enabled features and second screens, across 60+ different touch points across ~9 different zones.

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Our agile process and inventive culture solves the most pressing of our partners’ challenges.