Bringing multidimensionality to the future of work

We worked with an industry-leading PEO company to bring a more personal and multidimensional touch to their visual identity and their storytelling platform, while helping to uplift a variety of voices from workplaces big and small, and spark dynamic conversations on the future of work.

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The future of work is only successful if it’s inclusive, and TriNet recognized the need for a content portal where voices from the workplace could come together to share personal stories and on-the-ground perspectives, to help shape a better future for the HR industry and beyond. Our team conceived of the concept, naming system, brand identity, and UX/UI for the interface. The content hub now houses a variety of multimedia resources including original content and affiliate content from strategic partners like NYT, VOX and Conde Nast. 

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Digital Rebranding

We worked closely with TriNet to reimagine their digital presence across desktop and mobile, making it easier to communicate their benefits and resources, and position the brand as a leader in the HR space. We were able to take the brand identity in a sophisticated and polished visual direction that stood out within a landscape of more traditional HR branding. The brand identity work also helped inform additional content for TriNet, including an out of home advertising campaign, that helped increase brand awareness and affinity for its services.

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