Tone It Up

Helping a Fitness App Hit its Stride

When a leading women’s fitness company wanted a mobile destination for their millions of users, we uncovered a bigger opportunity: creating a way for their social community to connect through online workouts.

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Reinventing the Workout.

After meeting with the Tone It Up team, we began a comprehensive research process that included user testing sessions to collect key insights. Through that process, we found their biggest opportunity was to leverage video content for a new kind of mobile workout experience; one that tapped into the power of community to keep users motivated.

As we became immersed in the Tone It Up community, we learned what made them so unique in the fitness world—dedication to positivity and support which bonded users together. It became clear that the digital experience needed to honor these ideals while delivering value to the business. Studio Tone It up became a place where members could connect, set goals, and schedule workouts together for increased accountability. And just like in a real-world studio, they could also chat before workouts and see who was in the class, enhancing the feeling of community and togetherness. What started as a mobile app project became a movement that strengthened a community, all because of our talent in creating with meaningful impact in mind.

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Through our unique process of invention, we created Studio TIU, a new platform which not only benefited their community, but also added value to the business.


Akash Khokha, COO

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The App That’s Redefining Fitness.

Studio Tone It Up was featured as Apple’s App of the Day, and was listed among the iTunes Store’s “New Apps We Love.” It was named one of the Top 500 grossing iTunes apps, with a current App Store rating of 4.4 out of 5 (based on over 1,600 reviews).

Our agile process and inventive culture solves the most pressing of our partners’ challenges.