Branding for a Better Blockchain Reality

When a leading blockchain startup wanted to define their identity, we partnered with them to create a brand identity which would set them apart in a crowded field.

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Harmony for One and All.

Harmony closed their first investment round based on the strength of their team and a revolutionary approach to massive-scale blockchain. As they ramped up operations and started hiring new staff, their team understood the importance of having a well defined brand with clearly articulated values to help guide their growth. In our early meetings, the Harmony team made it clear they saw themselves less as a company, and more as a movement. Beyond just a new logo and some design rules, they wanted to communicate who they were, to the world at large, but more specifically to the global community of developers needed to make “greater good blockchain” a reality.

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Coming from companies like Google and Apple, Harmony’s founders understood the value of design and branding to elevate their organization and build a stronger community.


Greg Dodds, Director of Brand Innovation, LFL

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The Building Blocks of a Brand.

We began our branding process on parallel tracks, both defining Harmony cores values, and undertaking an extensive competitive analysis of the already crowded blockchain space. By refining Harmony’s specific voice—the “who”—through their brand values, we then focused on gaps in the competitive landscape to help craft their tone—the “how” of their communication.

From there, we had a clearly defined identity, which enabled us to move into creating a logo, alongside copywriting and design guidelines.

We continue to be inspired by Harmony’s mission and vision, and can’t wait to see how their technology continues to support “Harmony for One and All.”

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