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Modernizing, Diversifying, and Digitizing a 40 Year Old Brand

For Aveda Retail Beauty Lab, we reimagined personalized hair care with an AI diagnostic tool at point of sale.

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Aveda Retail Beauty Lab

Our team was tasked with reinvigorating a 40 year old brand that had never incorporated experiential elements within their online or in store activations. Our solution was to reimagine the future of retail for a single hair care brand through a complete redesign of both the retail footprint and customer journey, with a unique AI diagnostic tool at point of sale. Ultimately we helped provide a truly holistic end-to-end experience that bridged the digital and physical worlds, guiding guests through a journey of curiosity and deepened connection across multiple touchpoints: desktop, mobile, retail, and social. The results showed a 97% conversion rate by users who completed the experience, and a 53% increase in spend.

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