Uncommon Creativity

Left Field Labs is a cross-disciplinary team of designers, engineers, storytellers, technologists, producers and strategists.

We solve our client’s toughest challenges through uncommon creativity by bringing unique perspectives to every angle of a project; brainstorming, experimenting, innovating — we find the best solution to every problem.


Insightful thinking

Every approach is especially tailored to answer the specific needs of our clients. This is why we begin by understanding our audience, asking the right questions, and forming strategic insights. This arms us with the right information to rapidly develop and test ideas.

User focused to solve business problems

By advocating for the user experience, we also create value for a business. We understand the user; who they are, what their needs are, what their motivation is — and by viewing this through the lens of business needs we create the solution that provides the most value for the user and the brand.

Creativity enhanced by technology

Technology ignites our creativity. It is a tool we use to invent new solutions to business challenges. We use it to discover faster, better ways for people to engage, allowing them to connect with your brand in emotional and impactful ways.

Client partnerships

Our clients invent alongside us as we formulate and execute a unified vision. That means listening intently, understanding your needs, helping plan a new trajectory, adapting to challenges and change, and through this, delivering the most meaningful results.

How we can help

Products, Platforms, Apps and Digital Experiences

Modern, mobile-friendly digital experiences that deliver seamless UX while driving business. Native apps and custom product platforms, built from the ground up for targeted impact.

Uncommon Creative

Creative direction and custom content that evolves the brand for the better, from art and code, to video and VR—and everything in between.

Rock-solid Development

Decades-deep experience building and launching highly scalable platforms for some of the internet's biggest companies. Rapid prototyping next-gen apps with custom tools.

Modern Experiential
and Events

Interactive, immersive, and engaging installations. Modern experience design for both physical and digital spaces, from B2B to B2C.

Leading-edge Immersive

360 filmmaking, volumetric capture, and development for AR/VR experiences and content. From prototypes and experimental coding, to mass market deployment.

Insights that Deliver

Concepting and planning linked to meaningful metrics, with consistent KPI success. Experience mapping, analytics, and custom data dashboards.

Innovation Consultation

Multidisciplinary creative and strategic workshops, custom calibrated to evolve business solutions. Out-of-left-field thinking with real world results.